Other Survey Sevices

As Built Surveys

Our staff carry out as build surveys to record variations to original design. This plans shows exactly what has been built

Monitoring Survey

With advanced survey techniques and precision instrumentation, detection of movement or deviation of any structure is possible. Data can be compiled as a 3D excel compilation.

Right of Light Survey

New buildings positions can affect existing buildings right of light. Occupies or owners of the buildings are entitled to legal compensation should this be infringed upon.

2D site plans and elevations of existing buildings and structures. Photographic records of buildings and structures around new built.

Track Gauging and Rail Survey (P Way surveys)

Our staff have experiences in the rail sector and have been involved in a variety of projects for LUL, Network rail, and private railways and all hold required certification for working in the rail environment.

Underground Services Location

We are able to provide information of underground services for environmental and design services