GPS Surveys

GPS Surveys

With the use of our Leica GPS equipments and connections to active GPS stations and RTK units and smart net correction systems.

O.S survey level or data are collected in real time for large scale mapping or projects. The accuracy of the GPS surveying equipment 
can be in the region of +/- 20mm depending on the number of satellites and settings on the equipment an ideal tool for providing survey 
data to national grid, London survey grid and other grids with corrected O.S survey height.

GPS information is very much useful in areas of flood risks assessment. We also use GPS to supplement Topographical survey to 
undertake complete surveys of large areas, to determine height bench marks to the National Datum (OSDN) and to position primary
site control points.

From GPS we can provide you with:

  • 2D Topographical surveys.
  • 3D DTM.
  • Levelling to the National GPS Network.