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Unleash the Power of Accuracy With 3D Laser Scanning

Unleash the Power of Accuracy With 3D Laser Scanning

With Hextra Limited, you can get 3D scanning done in the UK. All of the states in the UK currently have customers. 3d laser scanning service provider in London has a big team of highly qualified experts on staff with years of expertise providing 3D laser scanning services.

3D Laser Scanner Operation: How Does It Work?

Using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology, 3D laser scanners can map a project site with millions of data points. One of the main functions of a laser scanner is to pulse light rapidly, which then reflects off of objects and goes back to the scanner’s sensor. The time between pulse transmission and reception calculates the object’s distance from the scanner for each pulse. Each data point’s x, y, and z coordinates are transformed into pixels.

Gathering and processing millions of data points from various angles and locations allows for creating precise 3D as-built site data collection. Scanners like the Leica RTC360 can record and process 2 million data points per second with 2-4 mm accuracy, so it’s all happening very fast. The end product is an exhaustive and precise collection of real-time data that can be converted into detailed, individualised 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models.

Regarding as-built and facility visualisation, 3D laser scan technology offers a transparent and affordable option. You can speed up the design, engineering, and construction processes while reducing or eliminating costly errors with its help. Construction, remodelling, prefabrication, design planning, asset management, and facility modifications are all made possible with the amount of detail provided by 3d laser scanning service provider in London.

3D laser scanning advantages

Because it can capture more accurate and detailed 3D data, 3D laser scanning has become an essential tool for many sectors. Among the many advantages of 3D laser scanning are the following:

High Accuracy

Engineering, building, and product production are just a few examples of fields that benefit greatly from the pinpoint accuracy of laser scanning.

 Quickly capturing data

By rapidly collecting massive amounts of data, laser scanners improve field personnel safety and lessen the dangers of scanning tall buildings.

Methods that do not involve physical touch

Laser scanning is the way for delicate, dangerous, or otherwise inaccessible objects or environments because it is non-invasive and does not involve physical contact.

 Comprehensive documentation

Preservation and historical archiving benefit greatly from the detailed and exhaustive digital records created by laser scanning artefacts, buildings, or landscapes.


Using information gathered from 3d laser scanning service provider in London, extremely lifelike representations of complicated environments and buildings may be made, greatly facilitating their design, analysis, and communication.

Clash detection

Laser scanning, when coupled with BIM, can detect conflicts between existing structures and design plans, which in turn helps to decrease expensive mistakes made during construction.


Hextra Limited’s as-built services are helping construction companies plan and speed up projects thanks to the revolutionary 3D laser scanning technology. Get in touch with 3d laser scanning service provider in London so we can evaluate your requirements and advise you on the best way forward if you’re thinking about laser scanning but are wondering if it’s the right choice.

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